The 2024 Operation Headshot kickoff event was a success and we wanted to share more information about the event, our sponsors, and how you can help our mission going forward.

This year’s kickoff event was hosted in Nashville at Operation Stand Down. Our sponsors for the Operation Headshot kickoff event included:

Hall Booth Smith, Loan Depot, Acumen Technology, Operation Stand Down, Gruvi, Chuy’s, Daniel Kim Photography, Chelsea Watkins Photography and Top Golf. These incredible sponsors were not just names on a list but the backbone of the Operation Headshot Kickoff event. Their support was instrumental in making the event a great success, and we are immensely grateful for their unwavering commitment to changing lives.

But who are we, and what do we do? At Operation Headshot, we’re not just another nonprofit. We’re a unique initiative that takes a different approach to assist Veterans, Military Spouses, and their families in overcoming challenges. We believe in action, not just talk. We provide a platform for Veterans and Military Spouses to connect with a diverse group of professionals serving in leadership roles across the nation. We firmly believe that your network is your net worth, and we’re here to help you build it.

Our services include providing professional branding support to Veterans and Military Spouses at no cost to them. This includes professional headshots, reviews of social media profiles and resumes, branding photography for those starting a business, and much more. But one of our most impactful initiatives is Project Sight Alignment. It’s a remarkable virtual photography masterclass that is 100% free for students. This program recognizes the unique challenges and insecurities faced by the military community and aims to empower them with a valuable skillset.

Our cohort offers comprehensive support and guidance for over a year and a half. We start with 12 virtual classes, where participants acquire essential skills ranging from the basics to advanced techniques. Then, we have an exclusive 2-day retreat providing hands-on experience with professional-styled shoots, fostering portfolio development, and valuable networking opportunities. The retreat also offers information on veteran and military family resources, legal guidance, support for mental well-being, and connections with our nonprofit partners.

Our long-term goal is to provide meaningful employment opportunities to each of our students, allowing them to host networking events, provide photography services, and more so they can earn a significant income. We truly take a mastermind approach to Project Sight Alignment!

By removing barriers, we enable individuals to pursue their dreams, save lives, and make a difference. That’s why we aim to raise $50,000 in 2024 to ensure the success of our mission. We hope this gives you a clear picture of what Operation Headshot is all about and how we’re making a difference in the lives of Veterans, Military Spouses, and their families. Together with our sponsors and supporters, we’re committed to creating positive change and helping individuals pursue their passions.