At Operation Headshot we have certain criteria you must meet in order to be able to sign up for our services, programs and events. Please remove or mark out personal information (such as your social) before submitting it to us. If you have any questions about our criteria, please email


  1. DD Form 214
  2. Veterans Identification Card (VIC)
  3. Veterans Health Identification Card (VHIC)
  4. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Benefits Letter
  5. Other official documents issued by the military or government that indicate veteran status.

All veterans are considered in the application process to include: combat veterans, disabled veterans, and peacetime veterans. We do not discriminate based on the character of service noted on the separation documentation; however, the reason for discharge may disqualify applicants.

Active Duty, Guard, Or Reserve Service Member:

  1. Military ID/CAC Card
  2. Active Military Orders
  3. Statement of Military Service
  4. Leave and Earning Statement

Military Spouse:

  1. Dependent ID Card
  2. Copy of Spouses DD-214
  3. Copy of Spouses Active Military Orders
  4. Copy of Spouses Statement of Military Service
  5. Copy of Spouses Leave and Earning Statement

Criteria For Verification May Include:

  1. Marriage certificate or documentation proven the marital relationship to an active duty service member or veteran.
  2. Verification of the service member’s status and affiliation.
  3. All military spouses are considered in the application process to include: active duty, guard, reserve, retired, separated, and deceased service members are considered in the application process.
  4. If requesting branding services, documentation proving majority ownership must be provided.