Operation Headshot’s mission is to provide tools for transitioning military members, veterans and their spouses. We are committed to helping them build a brand, expand their network, and become self-sufficient in pursuit of success as they navigate life beyond military service.

Our vision is to lower unemployment rates among veterans and military spouses, ease financial distress, and improve mental health and well-being of military families.


Matt has dedicated 15 years of his life as a Marine. His career has taught him the importance of hard work. active listening, and strategic networking. Embracing these skills enabled him to excel throughout his military journey until 2021, when he made the decision to transition from active duty to the reserves.

Throughout this transition, he realized these skills would carry over and become a cornerstone of success with the establishment of Operation Headshot.

Matt is committed to supporting and empowering those who belong to the military community, drawing upon the valuable lessons and skills they have learned during their service and creating a positive impact as they live a civilian lifestyle.


Chelsea’s pride as a USMC spouse is the very reason she is determined to help her military community. Having stood by her husbands side during 4 deployments and countless trainings – she understands the hardships families face while their loved ones are away and how hard it can be to find good employment as a spouse.

Chelsea began her photography career 5 years ago. After selling her car to purchase her gear, she walked 4 miles each day as she put herself through online photography courses.

Her work has been featured worldwide and she is the lead photographer for Operation Headshot. Her services will include branding, education and website structure.


Ken dedicated 10 years of his life to the USAF, serving as a combat medic. During this time, he learned what it means to be apart of something special and unique. Creating bonds that can never be broken.
For the next 20 years, Ken took his skill sets and worked in a paramilitary organization as a paramedic. During this time, he lost several friends to the battle of PTSD and finally had enough. Ken went back to school to obtain his Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health, specializing in Trauma and EDMR.
Ken feels that even when you leave the military, the past is still there and this needs to be dealt with. The tools needed to navigate life are not just in finance and obtaining a house but in how you deal with what you have seen and been through.


After serving as an Infantry Marine, deployed to Fallujah, Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom; Justin began his career in business.
With over 18 years of finance and sales experience, Justin has helped thousands of people throughout Nashville, TN. Being a veteran himself, he is well-versed in the challenges and opportunities that come with financing a home through Veterans Affairs.
In 2017, Justin joined his brother, Jordan Allender, to create The Mortgage Brothers! With a strong passion for supporting veterans as they transition from military to civilian life, particular in terms of combat recovery and their understanding of VA benefits, including VA home loans.


After graduating from West Point, Paul served as a field artillery officer in the active – duty Army and he continues to serve as an officer in the Tennessee Army National Guard.
As a Middle Tennessee attorney, Paul has practiced in a variety of civil litigation contexts. He enjoys helping his clients solve complex, legal problems. Paul is also a military law expert and finds ways to help military clients, veterans, and military family members with all sorts of legal issues.
Paul is heavily involved in the military community in Middle Tennessee by chairing the Nashville Bar Association Veterans Committee, and is also on the Board of the Davidson County Veterans Court and Mental Health Court Assistance Foundation. Paul views Operation Headshot as another way that he may support fellow veterans and give back to the community.